I am currently very busy. Here are some highlights and how you can get involved:

Interim Pastoral Ministry – A major focus of my work for the next few years will be working with churches in seasons of change and transition, or working with churches to give tired, hardworking pastors much-needed breaks. The draw and gifting for this particular form of ministry are rooted in a life full of change and transition. It has also been affirmed through my coursework and mentorship in the seminary. My goal is to help churches emerge from challenging seasons better equipped to move forward in a season where the presence of the church in our communities is – or needs to be – shifting. It is also my hope to give churches an opportunity to experience leadership from someone in the LGBTQ community, even if they are not ready to make a long-term commitment. Click here to contact me about a church you know of that may be ready for a partnership.

Recording and Producing Our voices and the stories they tell are our single greatest assets. Sadly, many of us have never learned to or had the opportunity to use them. My goal in developing a mobile studio is to give people a chance to find that voice and hear it for themselves. We don’t give people voices, we just amplify what is already there. You can find more about recent projects on The Studio page and more about The Amplifier (mobile studio) – including how to support the project – here.

Spiritual Direction – We all need someone along our path of exploring and growing to be a good conversation partner, a healthy nudge, or a friendly catalyst as we navigate the complexity of life and spirituality. This is even more true when we do so from a space that has been traditionally marginalized in faith communities. My work in spiritual direction aims to offer hope and companionship in seasons of growth and change. You can find out more about that on the Spiritual Direction page (coming soon!)

Writing, Art, Exploring and Reconnecting – Life shouldn’t be all work all the time. Admittedly, my hobbies do overlap with my work – a lot. Creating wood burnings, photography, being out in nature and connecting with the world around me, and exploring new thoughts and ideas then capturing them in stories and other written media – these are all ways that my own voice finds its way into the universe. You can find my first book, Shattering Masks, on Amazon. Hopefully, there will be more to follow soon.

All of this work is made possible by the funds received from church partners, through spiritual direction, and the individual support of those who believe in what I am doing. Click here to find my Patreon account where you can contribute to that effort. (coming soon)

Also – if you know of any grants that may be a good match – let me know!

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